Drug surrenderors register for TESDA trainings

Published November 21, 2016

Thirty-seven (37) drug dependents who surrendered to the Philippine National Police Office in Region 6 (PNPO-RO6) have registered with TESDA Iloilo Provincial Office (IPO) on November 8, 2016 for possible technical-vocational training interventions.

The registrants compose the first batch of 45 drug surrenderors who have undergone rehabilitation and counseling services given by the PNP-RO6 on October 3-31, 2016. The rehabilitation program involved an intensive support group counseling with facilitators from Narcotics Anonymous (NA), an international organization that promotes mutual help addiction recovery for drug and alcohol dependents.

PNP 6 Regional Director Jose Gentiles said completion of the month-long rehabilitation program is no guarantee that the surrenderors would become totally clean from drugs, but he was happy for these people who have turned to the government to seek help.

“We expect a relapse for some, but at least we have started telling them that there is hope in rehabilitation,” he said. This batch is now in the after-care phase of the rehabilitation program.

TESDA is committed to provide tech-voc trainings to drug surrenderors as part of their rehabilitation and reintegration process. Tech-voc trainings can later help them get a job or find economically productive activities.

Of the 37 who enlisted with TESDA, seven were women with the youngest at 16 years old and the oldest at 54. They wanted to take up training courses on nail and beauty care, cookery and massage services. The men listed welding, driving, carpentry and electrical installation and maintenance as their courses of choice.

The surrenderees are from Barangay Monica and Zamora, Gen. Hughes and Muelle Loney Streets in Iloilo City. (TESDA-IPO/RO6)

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