Competency Assessment and Certification

Section 22 of Republic Act 7796 otherwise known as the TESDA Act of 1994 empowers TESDA to establish a national occupational skills standards and implement a certification and accreditation program in which private industry groups and trade associations are accredited to conduct competency assessment.

The Philippine TVET Qualification and Certification Framework (PTQCS) is a quality-assured structure used as platform for giving recognition to the attainment of knowledge, skills attitudes and values along the middle-level skilled occupations.

What are the General Principles of the Philippine TVET Qualification and Certification System (PTQCS)?

  • Competency standards are the bench mark for training, assessment and certification in the Philippine TVET system.
  • The PTQF defines the qualification level of a person in a trade or occupation.
  • The System provides that a qualification may be attained through:
    1. Accumulation of achieved units of competency towards a National Qualification over a period of time.
    2. Directly undertaking assessment towards a National Qualification.
    3. The system also provides for recognition of prior learning/recognition of current competencies.
    4. The assessment process is based on evidence or information gathered to prove possession of competencies. Evidence is acquired through a range of evidence-gathering methods or approaches.
    5. The system shall recognize industry groups/associations to manage and implement skills standardization, accreditation and assessment activities.

TESDA Region VI Registry of Certified Workers provides information on the pool of certified workers for certain qualifications.

TESDA Region VI Registry of Accredited Assessment Centers contains the information of accredited assessment centers who will manage the assessment of applicants for national certification.

TESDA Region VI Registry of Competency Assessors provides information of accredited assessors who will assess competencies of persons applying for certification.

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